Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daily Drawings (may 2009 to may 2010) one a day, 365 days.

May 13.
Over off Piuma Canyon road in Malibu/Calabasas area.  Such a cool house and this was when Aaron Papazian (Fatty Fatts) was living with his mom.  We used to hang in the garage once he cleaned it all out...before that we'd just have a good 'ol time on his driveway and it used to be the place to be for a long time (since high school).  Good times over there.  Tried playing basketball many-a-times but yea...I am not one to play that game.  Leave balls outta my hands I always say.  Anyways, rad guy so he had to be slightly immortalized (complete with fade-out face) in a drawing.  Now he's got a rad house that he purchased through my mum (she's a realtor) in Thousand Oaks.  Still have yet to check the finished product out.  Awesome individual though.  gotta say. just gotta.

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